Mark Cuban Makes a Big Announcement

Mark Cuban Makes a Big Announcement

Mark Cuban is  hugely popular businessman is one of the stars of the TV show Shark Tank.

Mark Cuban, 64, is an exception among billionaires. 

He is popular, and his popularity transcends political affiliations. 

In sports, he owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise which won its first-ever title with Cuban in charge.

Cuban has been disrupting the pharmaceutical industry with Cost Plus Drugs, an online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs directly to consumers at low cost

Cuban is also involved in the young crypto industry.

But it was his appearance on the TV show "Shark Tank" that made him a household name

Cuban is one of the iconic investors on the show

After having participated for several years, the billionaire has just announced that this season may be the last for him.

A departure of Cuban from Shark Tank is likely to leave a great void as the billionaire has succeeded in injecting his personality and his infectious energy.

Cuban has invested an average of $233,529 in exchange for an average participation of 23% in the capital of the companies in question.