World's Tallest Cat

World's Tallest Cat

World's Tallest Cat name is Fenrir

Fenrir is 18.83 inches (47.83 cm) tal

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized him as the world's tallest living domestic cat.

His name, Fenrir, comes from one of Saturn's moons

Fenrir is an F2 Savannah cat. Savannah cats are a hybrid between a domestic cat and a serval, which is a wild cat native to Africa

Fenrir can simply stand on his hind legs and paw at a door handle until the door opens

Will Powers is Owner of this tallest cat Fenrir

Will Powers says that He's also still growing

Powers also owns Altair, the cat with the world's record for longest tail on a living domestic cat, at 16.07 inches (40.82 cm)

Another cat Powers lost in the 2017 fire, Cygnus, still holds the all-time longest tail record, at 17.58 inches (44.65 cm)

Both Altair and Cygnus are Maine Coon cats.

You can follow Fenrir and the other Powers cats on their own Instagram account.